Who we are

We are a small family company with four Campsites in Andalucia (South Spain).

It has been twenty years since we decided to open a Campsite in Puente de las Herrerías in the Natural Park of Cazorla and borderline to the Guadalquivir river.
There were many reasons to take this decision even the main one was that we loved camping as a way of holiday, to spend the time with nature and other people; just because of staying at a Campsite with us, those people were more familiar, they became friends.

Within the school groups that used to visit us, appeared from Marbella’s Town hall some adult groups that started to visit us at least ones a year.
  Something that became being Camping Cabopino, starting on 1995, making us go back to our youth spirit and back to our first dreams at Puente de las Herrerías.

We have although developed in the province of Málaga our last enterprise adventure, with the concession on 2003 of Camping El Chorro, situated in the area of the narrow paths of Los Gaitanes next to Caminito del Rey.

And finally also our last enterprise adventure has been developed in the Malaga province, with the obtaining of the concession in the zone of Antequera


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