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Caminito del Rey, the world´s most dangerous walkway and, what could soon be, Andalucia´s premier outdoor attraction.

Built in 1905 to connect two hydroelectric plants, the pathway has sadly fallen into serious disrepair.

It has been officially closed to the public since 1999 because of the safety concerns.

Currently it is missing its handrails and in three sections the floor has actually caved in leaving just the metal frame. The guards took off parts of the wooden planks hoping it would stop people walking through. What they didn´d count on was that most people here are climbers…

In the last 10 years alone, six people have died on it and 30 people have been injured. But this has not stopped the path from remaining a rite of passage for any fun-loving Andalucian youth. And those willing to brave the heights are certainly rewarded with one of the most beautiful walks in the world, as well as an incredible adrenaline rush to boot.  Most accidents have been caused by the recklessness of local daredevils not taking the correct precautions and the path is generally safe to cross with the right safety equipment and, above all, an experienced guide.

Indeed, on a good day the Caminito is full of adventure seekers as the El Chorro area is one of Europe´s top climbing destinations.

After nearly 20 years of promises, Malaga´s provincial government has finally allocated 8.3 million euros to restore the walk.

Work is set to begin any time soon and by 2016 the Caminito is expected to become a world-class outdoor attraction, with easy access for all.

Setting off from the village of El Chorro, visitors will be able to easily reach the pathway and then walk through the breathtaking gorge all the way to the beautiful Guadalhorce reservoir above.

The opening is expected to become a massive dynamo for the so-called “Lake District” area of northern Malaga.

The opening is expected to see thousands of tourist arriving from around the world every week to rise the challenge.

The village of El Chorro itself is a peculiar outpost of several dozen houses perched between hydroelectric plants and imposing crags.

It´s a very friendly place.

Whatever grade you climb doesn´t make it any more or less enjoyable. The climbing community is very welcoming, even if you haven´t done much climbing. People are always trying to help you out.

Las Encantadas crag,

In fact, El Chorro is one of the best climbing locations in the world and an outdoor heaven for activity lovers.


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